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From Miami to Los Angeles

From Miami to Los Angeles is Erika’s next journey. She is moving to the city of TV and Film, Hollywood. Starting off 2014 with big new beginnings. She has a great opportunity to continue growing, training and expanding her career in all she does: music, acting, and performance.

Under the management of Royalty Rope Management, she will be continuing her acting career through numerous classes and workshops as well as auditioning for TV/Film.

“Its scary, of course. Just like any big move, but its totally worth it. If you want to keep growing and doing what you love you have to go places and be willing to take risks. If not then you’ll never know and you’ll just stay in the same spot. I have nothing to lose. Except being real far from my whole family and stepping into a city I don’t really know. But it’ll be part of the process and of life.”

Such a small humble girl with big dreams who knows how to take risks to make her career move forward. Erika knows she has to work hard and is ready now to conquer the big city of stars.