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From an artist with already a lot of work behind her in the Latin market, comes changes and times of growth in another market. Erika is in Hollywood for auditions in music and tv in the Anglo market.

Some new projects are arising and Erika is thrilled to be moving forward and expanding her career to different markets and different places. Meeting with managers and agents she is proud to say she has been signed with Royalty Rope Management in Los Angeles.

Erika was just on set for the Disney movie McFarland featuring Kevin Costner where she participates as a low-rider magazine model.

“Being on set for a Hollywood movie was so exciting. And even more exciting was bumping into Kevin Costner entering the wardrobe department. I couldn’t believe that such a big star I would always see on TV was standing right in front of me. And even more so that he is so nice and just as good looking in person.”